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The lack of data and identity sovereignty leads to displacement in society. REMemory fixes it. Get early access


REMemory envisions a world where individuals can verify their identity and discover family lineage.

Data + Identity Sovereignty

We give people more ownership of their data so that no entity owns them

Family Network

We connect families through secure and reliable permission-based networks

Mixed Reality

We allow familes to access memories through mixed reality experiences.

How REMemory Works

There are three key processes to how REMemory works, each building
upon the other for an authentic experience



Kith & Kin Network

Once you have validated your identity through the 5 vital channels of trust, you may question where your own identity comes from.

The portal allows family members to connect through a secure, permission-based network. Through blockchain technology, once your information is uploaded it cannot be corrupted or tampered with.

  • What you chose to share with your kin is private
  • Find out who you are related to
  • Trace back your ancestry
  • Be the first to create a digital presence for future generations
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Our Team

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Full-Stack Dev | UX/UI

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Cyber Security | Front-End Dev

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Graphic UX\UI Designer

Tina Phan

UX Strategist

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